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Join the Venture Life Society to step into your full potential and be surrounded by a group of like-minded, ambitious women ready to take charge of their time and mind! Topics covered will be around getting stuff done, balance, mindset, perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing, overcoming fears, leadership and whatever else you need!

Life is too short to not live the life you have always wanted. The Venture Life Society has been created to provide a space for affordable personal and professional development, coaching, training, support and soooo much more! I have personally invested thousands of dollars in coaching, programs, trainings and workshops so you don't have to! I love sharing the tips, strategies and lessons that I have learned and implemented, which helped me step into my purpose and show up as the best version of myself. By joining the Venture Life Society, you are making an investment in yourself that will change your life, and help you uncover blind spots and tap into your full potential! You will get to help pick the topics that you want to learn more about, and I will also find other experts to come and provide value to this group! DOORS TO JOIN ARE CLOSING SOON and the investment will increase the next time it's open to join.

Every Month you will receive:

* A Group Coaching Call and/or Training on the "theme" of the month * A Private Community for support and accountability * Weekly Prompts and Intentions * Worksheets/Journaling Prompts/Self Coaching Tools * So Much More! *


Your opportunity to join will end soon. Once you join, you will lock in this rate for the lifetime of your membership. The next time this is offered, the investment WILL go up. Also, IF YOU JOIN WITH THE VIP OPTION, then each month you will get one individual coaching call with Karla!

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